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released January 5, 2012


These songs are self-recorded, self-funded, and self-released. All proceeds go directly to the two artists.




Jeff Sampson Colorado

no-rules/ progressive/ electronic/ experimental/ improvised and constructed

“ being stuck inside a huge, haunted castle, straight out of Poe or Lovecraft, where nameless terrors await the unwary.”
— Cyclic Defrost

“ if groaned by a lethargic vampire singer. ”
— ambientrance
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Track Name: Black Rainbow
Jeff Sampson: voice
Gregory James Wyrick: words and visual art

Black Rainbow

Amid that constant
Relentless hum
Of the empty
And of the undone-

The murmurs of this
Unrequited love
In complete ache.

It awaits

To once again be claimed
Inside the mercy of inevitable fates

Yet here it remains

Seen only through a heart; darkly
And never by waking eye;

The edges of my black rainbow
Bowing across your midnight sky
Track Name: amor illic mortuus
One to invisible foes

and one to an early tomb.

One to her poisonous rose

and one to her sullen groom.

And my one true love, in her silent repose

behind May's new moon.

We all wait to break

but some leave far too soon.
Track Name: Skin in 13
Jeff Sampson: voices and "mellotron"
Gregory James Wyrick: words and visual art

Skin in 13

Underneath I know I'll find
Moon pulled tides
Drawing up your dark eyes

Always affixed to perpetual emptiness.
Always lost beneath the elysian frost
Coveting some daydream's birth.

Crooked, with your head upturned
As if to receive secret sadistic words
Of sagely desiccating ruin.
They go unheard.

They go on to burn through
Million miles of dead air and bloody swoon.

Your damage is psychic.
Your damage is crafted.
Your damage is magic-
sabotage from your buckled knuckles
that open up all possibilities and reveal you
as sweet annihilation will.

And opaque pearls of bone sundering
under the grasp of your tragic will.

I see you from a starless distance
Falling soft as snow
And shy as a vespers lullaby..
In vacuous silence,

I see you cradled by strange angels

And sleeping with ghosts.
Track Name: Lullaby (Talisman)
Jeff: voices
Gregory James Wyrick: words and visual art

Lullaby (Talisman)

In the frantic caresses of sadness, you vanished-
Stolen away by the seraphic charms of angels estranged.
Night thieves with their divine release under virulent wings.

Abandon me and flee from your memories
of so relentlessly being everything that you were becoming;
perfection and unashamed.

Now slip away my love, my beauty.
Slip away in graces of ever sleep,
deep under the dreams of dreams-
the dreams of dreamers.

Flee from me, my heart, my everything
and abandon such dark memory.
Slip away forever, my darling beauty
in all of your perfection; unashamed.

Farewell my darling beauty...
slip away now while in the delicate presence of this silence.

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