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by Often Coiled

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The original rock trio of Mandy Christensen (drums; electric guitar). Matt Gehrung (bass guitar; electric guitar) and Jeff Sampson (keyboards; vocals)

Active 2008-10

Original recordings: 2010
Remixed and mastered: August 2017


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff Sampson

Album cover by Matt Gehrung

ASH 48002


released January 28, 2018




Jeff Sampson Colorado

no-rules/ progressive/ electronic/ experimental/ improvised and constructed

“...like being stuck inside a huge, haunted castle, straight out of Poe or Lovecraft, where nameless terrors await the unwary.”
— Cyclic Defrost

“...as if groaned by a lethargic vampire singer. ”
— ambientrance
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Track Name: The Silly Comes
it looks like a sell off
of ancient lines
feels like a trade-off
passing the time
see the way lines control
well-defended right along
strong arms, they push you away
whenever you wander within the imperial walls

so many lies
so many glories to turn you around when you're head's out of line
that's how the ones who want to rule keep us all away
so many weary nights
if you don't know you had it,
you don't know you gave it away

so a man wants the land
oh my, the silly comes
protests are shoved out of the way
oh my, the sadness comes
standing in the fire
better get involved
the moment is getting away
the moment is fading away

the scourge of the land is set to come by
the death of the land is all we'll have left to buy
oh my, the silly comes
and every stream will turn to grey

the moment gets carried away
lost in a reverie
of toys they lay at our feet

what will it take for you to see?
Track Name: Spectre
voices change the mood of the day.
telephone ring breaks the silence.
college of broken wills remains.
lip service is paid to guidance.

thoughtless use belittle's what nature has gained,
our focus is on our weapons of mass production.
time was waiting for no one to arrive,
bending and stretching its way to the other side.

circumstantial quality
speculating louts
who has the chance of finishing
before the lights go out?

science pushes us in ways we couldn't guess
as we hold out our hands for a gaming edge.
we preen and prance about, seeking to impress
instead of searching for knowledge.

our grand elixir hides in a shell game
as we bow before the great god of commerce
and though we may well try we can't seem to refrain
from thinking it should all be ours, more for less.
Track Name: Painting the Sidewalk
I came upon an empty place
wasn't what I thought I'd see.
Another length of time and space
waiting patiently.

Half my time spent wandering
is merely walking in place.
Half my time spent shuffling
is better off erased.

Gathering the chalk to play again
sweeping dirt out of the way;
setting chairs in place around the table
gets me through another day.

No colors in my bag of tricks
no jacks, no dice, no cards.
Not any way to play pick-up-stix
just a note that sends your regards.

Gathering the chalk to draw again
sweeping the dirt out of the way;
setting chairs in places around the table
gets me through another day.

Goodness knows there's opportunity;
goodness knows there are friends.
Happiness is just around the corner
and that's where the sidewalk...

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