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The beginning idea for this album was to make something specifically focused on yoga, meditation and massage. We never quite reached the point of mutual satisfaction with most of what was created for that purpose, and a lot of music was discarded. What we've decided we're happy and comfortable with still has a great deal of the originally intended atmosphere. In spite of the time frame involved in the album's creation, the music flows nicely. We feel it's meditative and relaxing, and hope your own impressions are similar.


released September 28, 2010

All music written and performed by Jeff Sampson and Sean Carroll, except: "Seedling" and "Seeping Through the Boundaries" written and performed by Jeff; "Point on Slope" written and performed by Sean.

Jeff: voices
Sean: guitar; guitar synth

Creativity, desire, open-minded attitude, and opportunity all came together at a Central Massachusetts open mic in the summer of 2001. Jeff had just listened to Sean play a set of guitar-based soundscapes and asked him if he’d like to try doing the same with voice added. The two went back on stage and proceeded to stun the audience and themselves with vocal melodies floating on, and entwining with, gossamer clouds of looped and layered electric guitar.

10+ years later, they are still weaving dreamy, haunting melodies with atmospheric soundscapes.

Both musicians have been playing committedly since their late teens. Both bring playing and listening to left-of-center rock and chamber music to this meeting place of spiritual, ethereal sounds – which is not the contradiction it may seem at first, as the willingness to experiment and explore is a foundation of each.

The music Jeff Sampson and Sean Carroll create is lush and minimal; melodic and drone-like; pastoral and edgey. It places a travel mat in the minds of listeners, coaxing them to go wherever one’s thoughts need take them – wherever their emotional state need be. Over the years, the duo has explored sonic and emotional territory that falls under many different “spirits” – from aboriginal to eastern orthodox, from caverns to lofty peaks, from breeze-filled summer fields to close encounters with introspection.

Sampson – Carroll’s music says many different things to many different people. It’s music from and to the collective heart. The duo acknowledges that everyone who, and everything that, has come before influences what is. They are merely a serendipitous channel.




Jeff Sampson Colorado

no-rules/ progressive/ electronic/ experimental/ improvised and constructed

“...like being stuck inside a huge, haunted castle, straight out of Poe or Lovecraft, where nameless terrors await the unwary.”
— Cyclic Defrost

“...as if groaned by a lethargic vampire singer. ”
— ambientrance
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