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Recorded direct to 2-track in our rehearsal space, then edited/mixed. Remastered in 2011.

"Jeff Sampson and Sean Carroll (Embracing the Glass / Sampson-Carroll) team up with Brian Goodhue (Collision Sect). The trio bring out of one another a nervous, askew darkness. Hiss and fuzz, washes of bleak, grey tones, low-end rumbling, off-center electronics, and sporadic noises paint abysmal, inescapable catacombs. The album conveys a great deal of despair-filled blackness, with other hues, sickly and infected, seeping through. Sampson's vocals on "It's a Hollow Halo" evoke the distant beaconing light of a dying angel, hopelessly unreachable."

-- Ryan Winns / From Dust

"Electronic sounds chitter at the periphery of more conventional drones; softly squealing punctuations that inject a sense of flickering lights to the seething darkness. There are times when the processed sounds become almost bestial (although remaining unaggressive), grinding like a horde of remote wasps. Sampson's ethereal voice floats like a specter through this shadowy abyss, providing a connection to the land of the living with its mortal origins.

This dark version of ambience is refreshing. So many ambient musicians seek to lull the audience into introspection, while this music accomplishes a subtle agitation that is thoroughly nocturnal without actively striving to be frightening."

-- Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity


released March 21, 2003

Sean Carroll: guitar; guitar synthesizer
Brian Goodhue: hardware sequencer
Jeff Sampson: keyboard synthesizers; voice




Jeff Sampson Colorado

no-rules/ progressive/ electronic/ experimental/ improvised and constructed

“...like being stuck inside a huge, haunted castle, straight out of Poe or Lovecraft, where nameless terrors await the unwary.”
— Cyclic Defrost

“...as if groaned by a lethargic vampire singer. ”
— ambientrance
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